Watch: Here’s How Ziva Dhoni Ensures Her Father MS Dhoni Eats Healthy!

Watch: Here's How Ziva Dhoni Ensures Her Father MS Dhoni Eats Healthy!

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Ziva Singh Dhoni is a social media sensation. The little munchkin is the sweetheart of not just Indian cricket fans, but of every one who has ever seen her performing her antics. Ziva Dhoni is a chirpy and lively kid and it’s a delight to watch her, and her indulgent parents Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sakshi Dhoni are aware of this enchanting quality of their daughter. This is why they have made an Instagram account for her, in order to document her endearing actions and share them with her millions of fans. Despite his action-packed schedule and life, Ziva’s dad MS Dhoni takes out time for her and makes sure that he spends enough time with her. The wildly popular father-daughter duo has an unmatched chemistry as well and every time they pose together, they put a smile on millions of faces around the world.

But, it’s not just about posing with these two. The adorable Ziva also cares about her father Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s health and we have a proof of that. Today, Dhoni posted a picture of his daughter feeding him a whole carrot. “Ziva’s bugs bunny”, read the caption on the video posted by Dhoni on his Instagram page. The video that was posted in the afternoon today already has close to six lakhs views.


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