It’s been a big 12 months for actor Timothee Chalamet. A year ago, he was on the cusp of stardom, with major award season buzz surrounding the young actor following his breakout turns in Call Me By Your Name and Lady Bird.

Both went on to be critical and commercial hits, with the one-two punch helping to cement Chalamet as one of the most exciting young talents to emerge in recent years.

The internet fell in love with his hair, tabloid coverage of his romantic life ran rampant, and he garnered a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his sensitive performance in Call Me By Your Name. Oscar night served as his unofficial coronation as the newest prince of Hollywood.

But Chalamet says his day-to-day life wasn’t overly impacted by his newfound fame, which he coped with by throwing himself into working on his new film, the non-fiction addiction story Beautiful Boy.

“The truth is, it’s been amazing and yet, it’s not topsy-turvy,” Chalamet tells TimeOut. “I’m very grateful that I grew up in New York, my mom was an actress, my grandfather’s a screenwriter. If I want to go out unbothered, go out on the street and get a bagel or something, it’s not that thing sometimes you hear in interviews with other actors where it’s really topsy-turvy. It was good to work on this project right away.”