Everything you need to know before buying an Apex Legends Battle Pass

Apex Legends Season 1: Wild Frontier is live with loads of new weapons and character skins waiting to be unlocked and a new hero as well. Despite only having launched in February, it already seems like the wait for this battle pass has gone on for eternity, due to a cavalcade of leaks, data mines and rumours.

How much does the Apex Battle Pass cost?

The Apex Legends battle pass gives players the opportunity to unlock new cosmetic items for Wild Frontier, Apex Legends’ first new season of content. This battle pass costs 950 Apex coins, which can be purchased for Rs 644 or 580 for EA Access accounts. Players can also opt for a Battle Pass Bundle for 2,800 Apex coins, which translates to approximately Rs 1,700. The bundle advances players through 25 levels of battle pass progression, unlocking the corresponding rewards.

What does the Battle Pass contain?

The battle pass offers access to a large cache of skins and cosmetics. However, buying a battle pass doesn’t immediately entail you its rewards. At the onset, you’ll receive three skins but need to unlock the rest by playing the game. You can unlock loot from the battle pass by gaining experience and climbing the ranks, 100 tiers in all.

What is the purpose of a Battle Pass?

Apex Legends, by its nature, has no progression system; each match is a clean slate. A battle pass brings with it the opportunity for players to unlock new skins for weapons and characters through progression. This gives long-term players more reasons to keep playing the game by rewarding them for their loyalty.

Another reason to purchase the Apex battle pass is for the stuff that’s in it. While this reason is subjective, it is one of the most obvious. The battle pass contains certain items that cannot be unlocked by just playing the game. However, all of these unlockable items only offer cosmetic changes and doesn’t make the slightest of difference in gameplay. As new skins only offer visual enhancements, gameplay will remain the same.


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